It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



They want to build another frigging airport in London. They don’t want to shut down any of the existing airports. No, they want to expand the existing airports as will. Is there really that many passengers? Will the number of flights just increase until there are delays again?

Transformers are 30 years old.

The public has rejected 3D TV that involves wearing glasses. I already wear glasses so it is nonsense to wear two pair to watch TV. ESPN, BBC have both dropped their 3D content for the moment.

At work, we have guest wifi. It is OK for employees to use the guest wifi for things like phones and such. Great deal. I wonder sometimes why the whole guest wifi system goes down nationwide all at once. It goes down and stays down for a week at a time. This has got to be some kind of productivity test.

One of the blogs I frequent is saying that people should stop watching TV because it is just a way for people to tell you how to think. Well, everything you do is telling you how to think in one way or another. I say think and learn, then think some more. It goes both ways. I’m not giving up TV.

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