It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



09:00 I’m running a build. I can’t even figure out if I want  it to work or fail. I want it to fail because it will prove somethin. I want  it to work because I’m sick and friggin tired of not getting things to work.

Running on empty lately. I’ve been working on things I am simply not a master of. it is a huge learning curve for me. It is stressful because I want to do a better job. Every one thing I learn tells me there are five things I need to know. I’ve gotten help, thank goodness, but I hate asking because these folks all have deadlines.

The sun gives off about 1,000,000 tons of solarwinds every second. -Dr Karl.

That eyelash in my right eye tried to bite me again today. I was able to take the contact out and flush the eye a bit with some contact fluid. I recovered  This is the first time that has happened. Up to now that has been an endgame for the day of wearing contacts.

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