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There is a guy who knows his shit on our team. His time is very precious. It seems we all need him in order to move forward. It is a drag, but it is working. The more the rest of us learn, the less he will be over demanded. Hopefully.

Some folks you can give the following.
  • Remote desktop to server xyz
  • Log in with your current password
  • Hit ctrl-alt-del (Linux) or ctrl-alt-end (Windows) and select change password
Others you have to drag kicking and screaming with screen shots and tons of back and forth to the river and baptize them.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had an office mate. I’m not sure it counts because he is rarely in the office. he is a hardware engineer and thus runs around banging on things to get them to work. I’m software so I sit and bang on one thing, the keyboard.

Today, I worked on something that was stressful. I needed to write my thoughts down more than normal as a distraction. Thus the long disorganized notes blog entry today. I also noticed I get up and pee more when I’m working on something stressful involving people.

it is illegal for inmates in California prisons to have sex. They may get codons in the future.

our president has dispensed with a part of his own Obama Care law that was causing trouble. Some say he does not have the authority to do so. Well, he doesn’t.  The law says it starts on a specific day and that is when it will start. This is ruling by decree. This is the kind of things dictators do. What will happen when a Republican president decides that the IRS shall not enforce the capital gains tax? I bet the punditry will have more to say about this sort of overstep.

Had 2 donuts and a bag of hot Cheetos today. That was all I ate before leaving for the day. One of the donuts was cream filled. This is increasingly normal. Need to come up with a better paln than cheap snacks for daily sustenance.

Contrary to popular complaints, I have not given up on writing fiction. The Galactic Overlord just made me stop because of time anomaly conflicts.

I do not agree with my friends. Not specifically anyway. I am willing to disagree without feeling offended. I am willing to live and let live with different ideas and opinions for the most part. There are lines, but they are far a field.

I listened to an audio cast today where the author made a bunch of technical assumptions. That is, they spoke of technical things. They used a bunch of references to things like Linux and bandwidth. You probably wouldn’t say something like “I have a Linux program ...” You would say something like “I have a C program ...” or “I have a python script that ...”. Most of the rest of the ideas that I had time to listen to in the story made sense. There were no anachronisms beyond diction discrepancies.

Car that gets 262 MPG, but you can’t charge your phone.

is the era of free internet porn coming to an end? It appears that for decades most of the online porn has simply been recycled with a few new bits thrown in every week or so to satiate the masses. However, the porn industry is waking up to this loss of money and suing people for intellectual property theft.

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