It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Spent half my morning trying to fix an issue that I couldn’t fix. Worth a shot. I just didn’t have the rights.

There are finally whispers blowing around Washington that say maybe the IRS is a bad idea. The primary replacement would be basically a nation wide sales tax. I like this idea because if I put the money in a retirement account, it is my money. If I invest, it is my money. When I buy something or a service, a chunk of that goes to the government. How in the world would you defraud the government except to simply steal the money?

had a gyro for lunch today. it was pretty good. The service was OK.  It is in the same place as four or five other restaurants. That is, this place has taken over the location. It was a mexican place, then a South American place, then something else. Now it is supposedly some kind of Eastern European food.

A friend sends me a text message “Back at doctor. Have a spot of skin cancer on my forehead.” Yee gads. I told him to stay on top of it. Don’t let that stuff slip.

There is actually talk of making people take a math test before they are allowed to obtain a mortgage. I fear this will kill the housing market in the U. S.. I imagine that if you fail the math test, you would have to hire an independent  advocate to do the math for you. What kind of test will you have to take before voting?

At some point, I had some kind of crappy magnification working on my work Linux box. It sucked,but I distinctly remember it working, kind of. i can deal with the screen just fine right up until I’m on the laptop screen,. Then things are just beyond my ability to deal with. When I'm in meetings, the size of the fonts in some programs is just too much to deal with.

Got home and ran out to the back yard and mowed. I nearly passed out. There were some rain clouds in the area so I hurried. Most of the grass was about knee high. I briefly thought about videoing something, but I was just not in the mood.

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