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Car wreck

We had a car accident. Everyone is OK. The car is pretty messed up and we got a rent car for a bit. Our insurance is going through the roof after this. What are you going to do? No medical bills though. That is the good news.

One thing that pisses me off is the car is not totaled. I have to be honest. I hoped it would have been ruined to the point it was not worth fixing. This might have gotten us a pay out for a new car. The old car is eight years old and starting to show it. The damage assessment so far is not nearly enough for that I’m told. I have not seen the car yet.

Nat rented the Toyota Scion, however it is spelled. It is basically a hatchback Carola. I like it. It has as much room as a Rav 4, but much better mileage. Nat didn’t like the old ones because they were boxy. The new ones look far more pill shaped. Not too shabby on the room, but not as big as the Rav 4. I don’t care what the brochures say. Still, that might be our next vehicle.

I’ll try to take some pics.

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