It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


The humidity was ridiculous this morning. I was dripping with sweat when getting on the bus. It felt like walking into a deep freeze. It was awesome.

Grumpy Cat has an agent. -APM

I spent half my day trying to get a Java program to run so I could do my job. It was settings that took so long. It was a real pain in the neck. The documents did not have the answer. I had to ask someone who had installed the software before.

Went to the parking garage and had the camera with me. Nothing. All I wanted to chat about was fictional. I should record those too. I just need to remember to mark them as fictional. The trouble is, there is no real storyline. It is just a bunch of random crap that is in my head and wants out. Unfortunately, it cannot be faked. I’ll think of something.

Google quit on my work computer today. Rather than thinking anything was wrong with google, I tried another machine, assuming it was something on my side. It was.

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