It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



We, meaning our government, need to start arming rebels in Syria. This means handing weapons to the people who would like nothing better than to slit our throats. our leaders just don’t get it. Either we go in to win or we stand on the sidelines and cheer. Some are calling this strategic suicide.

The big debate online today is weather terrorism or our government is the bigger threat.

Estonia has automated everything. They don’t have enough people to do all the jobs. Many things like parking lots and tickets are handled by computers and mobile phones. This is what you get without unlimited immigration.

Someone said I look like I’ve been in a fight. My knuckles are cracked and dry. This is normal for me, but it bugs some people who think I’m an asshole. He puts the lotion on his skin to keep from getting dirty looks again. Actually, it was just a joke. Still. More lotion.

Today, I listened to a report on NPR about a “gay lobby” or “gay subculture” in the Vatican. Someone mentioned that many of the members of this group or sect are very conservative and do not want to change the teachings of the church. I say, not yet. First you infiltrate, then you divide. Then, you conquer.

Honduras is the worlds most violent nation. Something like 20 murders every day in a country of 8 million gets you that label. 40% of all cocaine that hits the U. S. goes through Honduras. Two gangs held simultaneous press conferences announcing a ceasefire.

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