It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



The question came up “Have you ever seen a silent film?” One of the young folks at work didn’t know what we meant. I mentioned Metropolis, and “a bunch of Laurel and Hardy movies.” I remember Metropolis because it was shot in the 1920’s and had a helicopter in it.

My work Linux system cannot run Chromium without resetting X randomly about once a day. This makes it dangerous to use. If it did it in just the wrong time, I might throw my laptop out the window.

Today, I started a new role at work. I spent the entire day trying to get hooked up to databases and added to lists. it is maddening. I cannot really start doing the work until I get a stamp on my forehead.www

Media consumption is hitting half TV and half computers (and other devices) right now. In ten years, the idea of watching something on a dedicated TV will seem quaint. There will be large monitors, but the devices driving those monitors will be computers or tablets or hybrids of the next thing and the last thing. TV does not deserve a living. TV deserves a place in history.

Headache all day. I’m pretending it is a caffeine or sinus headache. The placement and feel are wrong for those.

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