It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Went to a Father’s Day breakfast this morning at Ellie’s school. it is funny to watch how different dads act. I interact with Ellie, as do many of the other dads. Some of the dads were so stiff they looked like manikins. One dad seemed very bossy and out of place. Not sure what to take from this.

Got an email from Yahoo. They wanted me back. That is a pretty good way of reminding someone their account is going to expire. They notified me 30 days in advance. And, they were nice about it. Too bad I don’t really have a need for that account. I only created it because I wanted to avoid a bunch of spam from a specific online vender.

Breast feeding is a lousy form of birth control. It is highly unreliable.

The next time someone catches me day dreaming I’m going to say I was working on my memoir.

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