It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



The recent bump in housing is, some say re inflating the bubble. Others say it is simply a bounce after having so long without buyers in the market. It is nothing like it was a couple years ago. I do not intend to move, so a lower price on my house simply lowers my taxes.

Bill Clinton makes $200,000+ for a speech. I believe they said he does 2 a week. He also gets a pension from the taxpayer. Maybe we should consider a needs basis for that stipend of well over $100,000 he gets from us.

Some other countries like the UK are upset that the U. S. is snooping their citizen’s emails and other information without due process. It may boil down to the NSA being able to snoop the U. S. citizenry more easily than other countries. I want to know about other country citizens using a Verizon phone on foreign soil. What the hell are the laws there? You know this is happening.

Noticed my Google Drive number is now 15 gigabytes. This is up from 10 gigabytes the last time I looked a couple years ago. Before that it was 3 gigabytes. The thing is, my limit is going up faster than my pile of data. At some point I won’t have any data on Google Drive.

Amazon is getting in on the grocery game. I cannot wait. I will be the first to get my groceries delivered to my home when this comes live in my area. I tried it several years ago, but the place I used went belly up.

There is no such thing as a peaceful religion. There are only peaceful people.

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