It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



it is funny how my earphones at work will catch absolutely everything except my ears.

It is so freaking easy to make your own boot image these days. I prefer just using Ubuntu because it boots on a lot of hardware. It also allows you to have persistent images on a USB key very easily. It also has a huge assortment of software available in repos only a search and a click away. Gone are the days of not being able to hook a floppy drive to your system. At work, we have an old USB floppy because of a specific system that we had trouble with many years ago.

When I didn’t have insurance, I didn’t pay as much for a doctor’s visit. Nor, did I spend as much for drugs. I was suddenly on the discount rate plan. There is some move to allow doctors to stop taking insurance and just pay as you go. This ends up being cheaper because the doctor does not have to employ five people to keep up with reimbursement. This may be illegal under Obamacare.

Killer robots being regulated by the UN.

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