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Work today

I’m having issues getting google drive working on the company network. I hope it is just first day connection stuff and not a policy. I only use google docs at work for taking notes about personal thoughts throughout my work day. It kind of works and kind of doesn’t. I’m going to have to keep an eye on whether the documents are really saving or if they are just caching locally.

Today was a big day at work. We “cut over” our network to the new company. I’d say things went well. The only blip was a broken main line between areas. That set us back a bit.  Other setbacks were minor.  Many people worked from home. That helped. Several people are in today cleaning up the labs and testing things off the network.

Fiber cables are fragile.

Today I heard someone from the cabling company helping us get our network describe all the cable lengths in metric. That was interesting because normally in conversation people revert back to imperial units for comparison. Not these folks. I like it.

Distance Estimation (best guess)
4 inches is about 100 mm (101.6)
1 foot is about 300 mm (304.8)

When you change IP addresses on servers, the virus checker flips out and takes 30 minutes to calm down and let people back on the machine. This is not as disruptive as it sounds because most systems are not going to have their IP change that often, hopefully.

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