It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



They mowed the strip of land surrounding Westheimer where I walk. That is, they mowed most of it. There  is some construction is going on with the drainage sewers. Nothing is mowed very close to the edge. There are spaces where concrete or paint or something has been sprayed all over the place.

They say “zed” in the UK when referring to the letter “z” J-Z is J-Zed. I’m not kidding. I hear the same happens in Canada and Australia. The U. S. the outlier.

Our old phone system has a loudspeaker mechanism. Anywhere on the floor or even in our part of the building you can hear th “page all” announcements. Anyone can make the announcements. i will shed few tears when we pull the rug from under this mechanism. Our new phones have nothing like this. They are Java, so we have toyed with the idea of hacking them, but no. One of the guys has a novelty Star Wars noise maker he want’s to use on the last announcement before the plug is pulled.

Getting old. Can’t wear my contacts for days on end any more.  Thisis just one of those things that happens. Not sure what it matters.

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