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Sore throat this morning. Wondering if I should have come in or stayed home. Only vertical due to mouthwash. The walk in this morning was kind of rough. Not because of any external force, because I am under the weather. The weather by the way is nice. It is humid, but then it is all Summer in Houston. That is normal. It is about time we had some hot. I’m not saying I like the hot. I’m just saying it is about time it showed up this year.

Malcolm X died at 39. It freaks me out to hear about famous people who died younger than I am  right now. This will only get worse as time goes on.

One of the problems with everyone having a degree is the lack of differentiation between job applicants. More and more employers are coming up with their own tests for applicants. They care less and less about how you got the skills.

This morning when I got to the bus stop, I noticed my battery was dead in my phone. Apparently, it didn’t get plugged in properly last night. I didn’t look at the plug side of the cord and  I bet it got knocked aside. Anyway. I have a spare battery in my bag usually. I popped it in and went along my business of hitting and such. The guy at the bus stop seemed impressed.

No Chinese food today for lunch. People wanted something healthy. Chubby bastards. I did come close to walking over there myself. Too much to do. Changing departments soon and trying to clean house so to speak.

China has a strategic pork reserve.

I tried shooting a video on the subject of belief structures. I failed miserably. I believe that science is just another religion. Just because you can do a bunch of card tricks and we get cool gadgets out of it does not diminish the fact that it is just something for people to believe in. It’s masia is the scientific method. The trouble is, I do not have my head wrapped around the topic. I need to do a full write up on it before standing in front of a camera.

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