It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I may have to stop drinking coffee at work. That is, I may have to stop drinking the coffee from the generic coffee maker in the lunchroom. I’ve noticed the suds that come up when I make the coffee. I’ve also noticed my stomach aches. I have drunk half a cup of coffee today. Tomorrow, I will not drink that coffee. I’ll make some with my French press that I got for Christmas a couple years ago. I will post here my findings.

The cats are both sick. Nat took the old decrepit cat to the vet for what appeared to be heart issues. He caught a cough and brought it back to the young healthy cat. The younger cat is miserable. You can tell this is his first real illness. He got a trip to the vet. Interesting racket they have there. If I knew someone had multiple animals, I would share water bowls between not super sick animals and otherwise healthy animals just to get the second animal in for visit, and a separate cost.

The whole ten to fourteen hour day thing is easing off. Thank goodness. Last couple days, I’ve been able to get out at a reasonable time and head home. I still just want to eat and pass out,but I’m there.

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