It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



This morning was a bit foggy. I noticed on the way in, but the view out the sixth floor window eastward toward the rising sun gave me that sense of an old village getting ready for the day. I know it has nothing to do with reality, but it was cool for a second.

Still not feeling the need to shoot videos. I feel kind of ashamed of myself. I have people on the hook for watching them and yet, don’t make them very often.

Yesterday I stopped wearing my wrist watch because it has reset itself a couple times. I have looked at my naked wrist 316 times in the past 24 or so hours. I know it has been 24 hours because as I write this the watch is back at midnight.

I’ve been sluggish for a long time. I need to be if not up, at least alive. I don’t have to be happy, I do need to be alive. This trend of mine to be down as in tired, needs to stop. I need to find the energy. I need to learn front the children I envy for their energy, that it is not a matter of energy inside me, it is a matter of will and drive. Every time I found a second wind.

POS software is Point of Sale. Think cash registers and credit card processing.  I suppose you could have a POS software package that is a POS.

One of the VPs walked by in tha hall today and looked at Mark and me. he commented that both of us smiling at an internal joke made him more worried than just about anything else. We said we were weeping on the inside. I find it interesting that a VP of my current company knows who I am.

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