It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch conversation

  • Work
    • Soda machines
      • Now include Mt Dew among other new drinks.
      • The debate was between Coke zero and diet Pepsi I think.
    • Something about $230,000,000. I missed the details.
    • Projects
    • New network
      • How the labs will work
      • This one was mostly me assuring people nothing would be lost, you will just have to get to it differently.
      • Who gets a high speed connection.
    • Old phones and the last page that will happen
    • New repository software
      • Not looking forward to the learning curve.
      • Difficult to do everyday things.
    • Our past leaders
  • Mobile phones and plans
    • Access points
    • Mobile vs landline
    • Contract vs month to month
  • Weekend plans not including work.
    • Someone will probably end up taking a couple pictures at the beach.
    • Adam will probably take one of his 3 sec videos.
    • Weather should be perfect.

Not mentioned
  • Video games
  • Government (I tried to bring it up)
  • Women

Mostly work today. A few other things, but not much outside of what is going on with the massive changes we are all under. It is funny, but I feel like anarchy is the norm at work these days. Things keep breaking and getting fixed in a different way than before.

I wish iI could elaborate on some of them, but the information is proprietary.

Adam, you missed a pretty good lunch conversation.

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