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Had to throw away a pair of jeans this morning. I blew a belt loop yesterday. I thought I could just ask someone who knows how to sew to put it back together, but I noticed that the material round all the belt loops looks frayed and all the seams appear to be under strain. The whole pair of pants is falling apart. The brand was no longer readable.

It has been a while since I purchased jeans. That pair might be the first of a couple that have to go. Knowing how cheap I am, I’ll probably wait for a sale and buy 10 pair. Watch for me at Sam’s.

For Christmas, I typically ask for cloths so I won’t have to go buy them myself. Those are the real gift. Last year I asked for slax or business casual kinds of trousers for work. I didn’t have any left that were serviceable. The last pair I bought were from a second hand store. They were in far better condition than what was in my closet.

My father has given me many good shirts lately. He seems to buy some and then never ware them much. I had no idea he was a clothes horse.  out of the huge pile he has given me, I have seperated about 5 that don’t fit. I’ll donate them one of these days. This has saved me a fortune in shirts.

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