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How many scandals will it take?

There are 3 scandals blowing up all at the same time right now.


On September 11th the American Consulate in Benghazi Libya was attacked.  Several people died. Was this a consulate, or a front for the CIA (or both)? Were soldiers who could have been on the scene before the people died really told to “stand down”, if so by whom?

The first thing out of the mouths of our government was a blame game over a YouTube video. The second thing out of their mouths was a denial this was a terrorist attack. I seem to remember something President Obama said about Al Qaeda being vanquished for the most part. This incident was a house of cards moment for the narrative for the man running for a second term as president.

This should have been Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. The MSM would have none of it.

The IRS schilling for Democrats

The IRS has been caught intimidating conservative organizations that want to be nonprofit. The IRS has apologized. The blame game is in full tilt. -It was low level employees-, -It was not just conservative organizations.- The deeper you dig the worse it gets.

The woman in charge of th4 part of the IRS that handled these requests is now in charge of the whole Obama health care thing at the IRS. She got promoted before the scandal hit. Every American is going to have to hand over their medical womb to tomb dosia to this lady and her minions over the next several years. Will she use this information to further the agenda of one way of thinking over another ... again?

Please never ask again why gun owners fear a gun registry. This is like Republicans asking fro an abortion registry.

This is Watergate all over again. This is worse than Watergate because Watergate was a couple of guys allegedly breaking into an office looking for dirt on politicians. This IRS scandal is an entity of government being used to squash the freedom to gather and freedom of speech for an entire genera of the citizenry.

Yet, the MSM will have none of it.

The DOJ getting 100+ AP reporter phone records

This has put the AP firmly in the camp of “What the Fuck Mr. President!?” The DOJ wants to know how the AP got information on a CIA thing that happened. That is not as important as the blanket -Give us the records of everyone and we will sort it out ourselves.- feeling that the reporters have been getting from the DOJ  lately.

I’m not the only one who feels the MSM has been the water carrier for the Democratic party for a long time.  Finally, said reporters are getting the idea that the idea of limiting the rights of individuals is a bad idea. For a long time it was just gun owners, people who think unions are bad for workers and anyone talking about religion except Muslims who should have their rights stomped upon. Investigating reporters who are trying to trip up the CIA activities is a bridge too far.

Reporters are starting to ask questions that the Obama Administration would rather not answer. Some have called this the MSM’s Tea Party moment.


At some point all three of these are going to tarnish our glowing commander in chief’s reputation as a great leader. he seems to be at the center of the storm. if one reads the news on a daily basis, one might have thought the man in charge at the moment could do no wrong. Well, until the AP thing happened. Now even the mainstream media is getting in on the act of demanding their rights. how dare they?

Maybe anti establishment people are not the best people to put in charge of the establishment. But, the Progressives are the ones in charge now. They use the IRS, FBI, CIA  to further their cause. Forget they are supposed to further the cause of the U. S. Citizenry.

There are whispers that a story is coming down the pike about voter fraud in the U. S.. This is another topic that i firmly believe will become front page news in the near future.  Something will have to give. The U. S. citizenry will simply not put up with getting slapped around like this for long. That is, people will eventually be drug kicking and screaming to their senses.

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