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Tattoo ideas


That one is the only one that has stuck around for a long time. It must might happen.

I thought about getting a tat of Marvin the martian many years ago. Then this cartoon revival came about and I completely lost the desire for anything resembling a cartoon character.

A friend of mine many years ago got Taz tattooed on his chest. Looking at what was permanently put on his body made me rethink the idea of putting any social icon image on my body.

So far, I have no tattoo. I doubt I will ever fork over the money to do one. If  I do take the plunge, I will have my friend Johnny do it. I’ve seen his work. He doesn’t suck. he might like deflowering a 43+ year old.

The trouble with tattoos is that they are more or less permanent. Some people get tattoos of their military experience because that is pretty much permanent as well. Those sorts of things stay with you.

I like dragons, but no picture will ever not get old after looking at it in the mirror or even just knowing it is on my body day after day. No people or names. No projects or religions or tasks.

>$ sudo rm -rf /

I call that one the apoolyps command.

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