It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


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So many mornings I find myself breaking the dawn with sip of winged elixir concocted by mine own hands. This morning took a different tack. With a lack of fresh (bottled) water in all our office I abandon hope of defending the pride of our band. I sought and found a mursinary by the name McDonald to smite my day’s thirst for the potion of focus. Think of me not as defeated but on this day, I choose to survive and plan to rebuild.


Truth hurts


Roughousing with a cat. You would think I would learn.




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Write what you understand

What is the latest thing that pisses me off? I have been reading political stuff so much that I’m immune to normal upsetting shit. Recently I lost a little kitty. She was a cuddly little friend. I have that to be upset about. The political stuff is put in perspective and I take one more step forward. Loss sucks. Life sucks. Having to work for a living sucks. But, here we are. One more step.


I have a barebones idea for a novel. It is terrible. Maybe I should just write it to get it out of my head. I should set out to write a painted piece of shit. That way I will not be disappointed when I eventually hit the mark. I hate love scenes.  I Don't like reading them and I just know I would never be able write them. Only children’s books sell without love scenes. What is in me and will come out of me is not that. Then the universe ended.



Luna is very ill. She spent most of last night in the master bedroom with me. I propped the door open with a shoe. so she wouldn’t get trapped. I am not sure she left all night. When I found her this morning she was at the head of the bed underneath. She hissed at me whenever I got close. Nat was able to pick her up and cuddle with her. It is a very sad day.

Elle is singing to Luna sitting in her lap. It is the most precious thing I've heard in my life. It is Luna’s time I’m afraid. She can’t eat or walk properly. And she used to be so fast and graceful. Poor kitty.

Nat and Elle tok Luna to the car in the carrier. She was moaning. Like she wanted to meow. Sorry little kitty.

She came to us in a flower pot.