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Lunch Conversation

We went to Whataburger. They have a half good chicken sandwich. I was going to skip lunch and just walk around. This restaurant is a fair walk from our office across a lumpy soccer field and several parking lots.

  • US vs UK
    • Food, cars, laws, taxes, traffic
    • Moving back and forth
    • Renting vs landlording in both places.
      • Deposits (from both points of view)
    • Getting from one place to another.
  • Coworkers getting in wrecks in front of the office.
  • Catchup and other spices.
  • Berger places
  • Mexican and Tex Mex places in Texas (and North Carolina) vs the UK
  • Houston Flooding
  • Flying, landing
  • Automated vehicles
    • Sleeping on the way to and from work.
    • Solve parking issues as well as traffic jams.
    • Automated boats and helicopters

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