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Everyone needs a Joker. Someone they cannot kill. Someone who makes them Batman.

Ori...ooops. Should have taken the pic faster.


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It didn't exist

It fit in a warehouse

It fit on a tabletop

It fit on a chip

It ran in a virtual machine

It ran in The Cloud

Name the next three in the series and be amazing about it.


End of times

Man, the end is nye. I went to Taco Bell for lunch. There was a pretty long line and I noticed a couple things.
  • The line moved quickly inside and out.
  • The prices have gone up. Every combo was $9 to $12
  • The accuracy still sucks. The guy in front of me didn’t get his food until after I left. It took me a while to get 3 soft tacos.
  • The food quality has not improved much if at all.
  • The teller was shilling for reviews online.
  • There was what sounded like a fire alarm going off in the back room that you could only hear walking round the outside of the building toward the back.
  • They got rid of the walkway across the drive through that we used to use to go to the Seafood shop.

Today's doodle -Hungry Cat


Lunch pic


You can barely see the building on partly cloudy days. Glad it isn't too tall..


don't let much get between me and the computer.

What is that bottom one?

How do you turn off the mirror on the back camera?


Winter and summer

video test of the LG G4 Phone


Lovely spring day


On the bus

Just because they can

Police Agencies Using Software To Generate "Threat Scores" of Suspec143

Koreantoast writes:It's no secret that governments across the globe have been taking advantage of new technologies to create stronger surveillance systems on citizens. While many have focused on the actions of intelligence agencies, local police departments continue to create more sophisticated systems as well. A recent article highlights one new system deployed by the Fresno, California police department, Intrado's Beware. The system scours police data, public records, social media, and public Internet data to provide a "threat level" of a potential suspect or residency. The software is part of a broader trend of military counterinsurgency tools and algorithms being repurposed for civil use. While these tools can help police manage actively dangerous situations, providing valuable intel when responding to calls, the analysis also raises serious civil liberties questions both in privacy (where the data comes from) and accuracy (is the data valid, was the analysis done correctly). Also worrying are the long term ramifications to such technologies: there has already been some speculation about "citizen scores," could a criminal threat score be something similar? At very least, as Matt Cagle of the ACLU noted, "there needs to be a meaningful debate... there needs to be safeguards and oversight."

Free range parenting approval

I really hope this all pans out. I believe that kids should be out of sight of adults at least some of the time while they are growing up. I mean, do we really need them to find freedom at first day of college?

ederal Law Now Says Kids Can Walk To School Alone (

An anonymous reader writes:There's some good news for "free-range" parents and fans of children being allowed to walk places on their own. A recently approved federal education law will allow students to take alternative forms of transportation to and from school with parental permission. Fastcoexist reports: "Relax, parents. Now you can allow your kids to walk, ride a bike, or take a bus to school, without you or your children getting arrested. The recently-signed Every Student Succeeds Act contains a section (858) that protects the rights of kids to walk or go out alone. The act was sponsored by Utah senator Mike Lee, who is a supporter of the Free Range Kids movement, and provides some hope for parents who feel that their kids should be allowed some autonomy to get by own their own." One can only hope that children will be allowed to go to the park on their own soon as well.

She has not been taken by the dark side. Yet.


Please bring the Clinton family down

Please bring down the corrupt family. Please bring them to justice. Even if it is not for the people they have gotten killed and only for not sorting paperwork correctly.
The source told Herridge that this expansion took place relatively early in the investigation — in April 2015. Over 100 agents have now been assigned to the probe, 50 of whom have been “TDYed” — temporarily assigned as the probe has expanded. That’s a rather significant commitment to the Clinton probe, and suggests that the FBI sees a need to do more than just read some redacted e-mails surrendered by Hillary after a long battle.


Boots, wind, and parking garage philosophy

Quick trim, new clippers


Clinton is will look terrible in orange

But Clinton is far from out of the woods, according to a congressional source who is deeply involved in the multiple investigations of Clinton. This source, who also spoke only on condition of anonymity, pointed to the hundreds of Clinton emails that contained classified information.
“Her problem is the sheer volume of emails that were deemed classified,” said this source. “Her first defense was that she didn’t send any classified information in her emails. But that claim has been clearly rendered false because so many of the emails were later marked classified.”
As the Department of State has released the Clinton emails she provided after leaving office, more than a thousand were marked classified after being reviewed prior to their public release. So what about Clinton’s subsequent distinction that she sent no information in her emails that was “marked classified” when it was sent?
“The volume matters because a reasonable person knows somebody who like the Secretary of State, who is allowed herself to classify materials, who has handled it for 25 years or more, at some point the law says you are responsible for recognizing classified material when you see it. That gets to the negligence issue,” the issue said.

Every couple of days I read something else about how this investigation is moving forward. It really makes me angry that Clinton will go down for failing to follow proper email procedure rather than getting so many people killed to further her political career and agenda.

Rain drops on the car window


Silence is evil

Rape mobs not just for Germany any more.
There is a cultural component that, as we see time and time again, the culture-deciders cover-up again and again. Oh, they understand well enough that culture plays a role, as can be seen from their constant chatter about a "Rape Culture" and the need to tell men not to rape.
But then, suddenly, when it becomes politically incorrect to note cultural contributions, they stop talking about rape culture altogether and kind of change the subject.
Anyway, as heavily euphemized as it is, the Politico article is a watershed moment, the time when even the forces of coercive political correctness scramble for more politically-correct reasons to agree that we need to slow down on immigration.Meanwhile, in Germany, they're prosecuting a bunch of people in the wake of the sex-mob attacks.
Not for the sex-mob attacks, but for speaking too crudely about the sex mob attacks.Link
The issue is not only one of sexual assault, but lying to the public about it in order to prevent people from protecting themselves. Because people who feel the need to protect themselves just might ... protect themselves.

Picture day at work


Money and lack there of

The world we live in

I remember a story about the first time an RC drone was handed to some soldiers in the US military. It was designed for reconnaissance and for looking around bends in the road. It worked well. The first thing the trainers were asked "Can we strap a grande to it?"

Airbus Rolls Out Anti-Drone System ( 12
Posted by samzenpus on Wednesday January 06, 2016 @05:10PM from the air-superiority dept.
coondoggie writes:
The Airbus anti-drone system employs infrared cameras, radar technology and sensors to spot and track drones over six miles away, the company says. If the incoming drone is considered suspicious, the system can use electronic signals to jam the drone's communications and more: “Based on an extensive threat library and real-time analysis of control signals, a jammer interrupts the link between drone and pilot and/or its navigation. Furthermore, the direction finder tracks the position of the pilot who subsequently can be dealt with by law enforcement. Due to the Smart Responsive Jamming Technology developed by Airbus Defence and Space, the jamming signals are blocking only the relevant frequencies used to operate the drone while other frequencies in the vicinity remain operational. Since the jamming technology contains versatile receiving and transmitting capabilities, more sophisticated measures like remote control classification and GPS spoofing can be utilized as well. This allows effective and specific jamming and, therefore, a takeover of the UAV,” the company stated.

Car launched drones

I cannot believe they didn't mention the Mach 5.
Yur Car: Aerial Drone Launcher? (
Posted by Soulskill on Wednesday January 06, 2016 @02:12AM from the drop-watermelons-on-annoying-drivers dept.
Nerval's Lobster writes:
Ford and Chinese technology company DJI (which manufactures drones that specialize in aerial photography) used the spotlight of this year's CES to announce a developer challenge: figure out how someone can use the dashboard touch-screen to launch (and land) a drone from the back of a pickup. While the challenge is framed as a "search-and-rescue system for the future," drone control from a moving vehicle has a lot more applications than search-and-rescue. In 2014, Renault designed a concept car that came with a small flying drone controllable via tablet or preset GPS waypoints. In theory, this "flying companion," launched from a retractable hatch in the roof, could prove especially useful at scanning the road ahead for possible traffic jams. (Renault hasn't yet announced a production model of the car.) So are drones-from-cars an odd sideshow? Maybe. But if they catch on, imagine the driver-distraction issues from trying to pilot a UAV while you're on the road.

All kins of road rage scenarios are going through my head. If they made a high speed version, police could use it to tag vehicles with a GPS unit and not have to chase them so closely.

YouTube is turning in to a little bitch

I watched Hickock45's videos. I was not subscribed I don't think. Google has decided to banish those presenting their opinions on guns and politics surrounding the second amendment.

First YouTube and Google Plus pick winners in political efforts. Now they prevent gun education. Way to be evil guys. Please provide a service to people you disagree with as well as agree with. This would be great. Thanks.
 Hickok45 just made a statement on his Facebook page.
Apparently, Google + is more sensitive about firearms related postings and such. I never use Google+ and did not even realize the videos were being posted over there, I guess. I will keep you posted via Facebook here and the Hickok45andson channel. I have communicated with YouTube via email this morning, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get the channel back up soon. I had just posted a new video.
Found here

Apologies for the double quote. I'm not sure how else to tell the story.

Why soldiers miss war

Frightening stuff. This sounds better than any war movie I've ever watched or book I've ever read. It makes me want to not get close to war, ever.

‘He’s Long Gone’As if on cue, we both looked up and in the direction of the rocket’s flight path. Along that line of sight there was a tall radio antenna inside the Army compound, about 100 yards from the crater.A few hours prior, Martin and I had been standing underneath the towering steel structure, chatting while we sipped on Blue Monster energy drinks.  When the attack came, we survived by diving into a concrete bunker that, as luck would have it, was only a few feet away.Further out in the distance behind the antenna, slightly obscured in the valley’s eternal brown haze and well beyond the base perimeter, was a low bluff covered in typically drab Afghan buildings. Apache gunships still patrolled the skies above this area.

Bus driver asked me where ny horse was




China drags down USA

Not catestrophic, but bad. Very Very bad.

Why did the Dow Jones Industrial Average face such a huge rout? Blame China. This morning, mainland Chinese stocks cratered nearly 7% before trading was suspended. Global markets remained on alert after Chinese factory activity fell for the 10th consecutive month, renewing concerns about the world’s second-largest economy and whether its massive stimulus efforts and currency manipulation are enough to facilitate export and domestic demand.
End Quote Link

Hell of a mess Sounds like a lot of companies have tanked because of this. I wonder how much worse it will get tomorrow and beyond.


First selfie of 2016 fo rm.

Got to love my wife's Barbies in the background.


Griping about YouTube