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Three Hours and Ten Minutes.

I’m sitting at my office. I’m sitting and staring at the clock. Monday was nuts. We had trouble getting things to work over the weekend and it all fell to Monay. Thing is, I was sick all weekend. I was awake maybe 8 hours of the whole thing.

Monday was a full stressful day of hard work. Got things done more or less. Tuesday, I stayed home. Turns out I messed up one of the lesser things. The poor guy I left holding the bag covered for me. It was another day of down and not much getting up.

My illness is upper respiratory. So, I can’t sleep because I cannot breath. This makes getting better more difficult. However, Tuesday was a special day. We gave stuff to Purple Heart. I gave up my old bike because I cannot ride it any more with my crappy balance. I cleaned the microwave. I don’t think Elle had ever seen the inside of a clean microwave in our house.

Then I had a kidney stone. Yes. I had a full on left side kidney stone. It moved to a place of comfort (out of the little tubes in to a bigger one) in about half an hour. That is a very long half an hour. I’ve gone to the emergency room in the past not knowing what was going on. I’ve unfortunately become familiar with my symptoms.

Really glad I was not at work when that sucker hit. It is never good news, but I get a bit animalistic when trying to handle that much pain. I had one on the bus once and it was actually a good thing to be outside. Thank goodness it was cold. Going for a walk helps. Drink a ton of water and let yourself pee every single chance you get.

I paced back and forth in the bedroom so much that I got a strained muscle in my back. When in pain, you lock muscles you don’t even realize in an attempt to make yourself more comfortable. It never works, but you can’t tell your brain anything. By the time I got past the kidney stone, I fell asleep out of exhaustion. I slept for several hours. This made it just that much more difficult to fall asleep last night.

Then comes this morning. I got up, felt not too bad and came in to work. No one and I mean no one is here. Well, not that I work with on a daily basis. There are some management types and some stragglers. Not even the people in the UK I work with are here. I had planned on getting a database maintenance thing done. I figured out that is not going to happen today. I have to contact too many people. Nothing will happen until after the first of the year. Actually, the fourth.

It is just after lunch time. I did not go out. I’m planning on leaving at the earliest moment possible. Possibly even earlier. Not that I have anything to do when I get home except not be at work. That clock I was staring at near the top of this post said I had three hours and ten minutes to go.

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