It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Shit causing me stress

  • Money
    • We don’t have enough of it.
    • Canceling cable so no internet at home
    • Will have to go back to mowing my own lawn
      • This may kill me because I nearly passed out the last couple times I tried it.
    • We have medical insurance and still owe tens of thousands of dollars we are not going to pay because the money just isn’t there.
  • Work
    • Everything changes every five minutes so no stability
    • GA (release) soon lots of work and at strange hours
    • No internet at home so can’t work from home, so I’ll have to stay at work for very long hours
  • People: I’m good with people at the moment.

Well, Natalie complains that when I am home I’m not really there so this can only help right?

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