It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Does anyone else remember what the American people are supposed to do when they fear their own government more than the enemies of the country? I vaguely remember one of the founding fothers covering the topic.

France swings to the right. Yup, France. Yes. Why is it so hard to believe? Oh, because France is supposed to be froo-froo or something. They get mean when you cross them. Just like everyone else in the world. Sit back and watch how mean.

People seem to be far more worried about what name everything is labeled with than how they are trying to kill us because of what we believe.

Why do I insist on typing about 10% faster than I can really perform. That is, when I drop the attempted speed down by as little as 10%, my accuracy increases immensely. I don’t understand why I can’t get myself to stop and think about the typing and stop worrying about speed. It is just how I’m built. The number of mistakes decreases to the point I catch them and the end result of what I type must be faster than when I try for that last 10% of speed.

Lunch conversation
  • Work

The thing is, it was from every angle. There was just something about today that everyone was talking about work. Even when the conversation lead away from work, it would slither its way right back to work in short order.

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