It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



It is Elle’s birthday. She is the big 13. We will hit Olive Garden this evening. That is where she wanted to go. There are worse places to have a 13 birthday dinner.

I’m getting tired of groups of friends calling themselves families. When a group of people who are not related to you start to feel like family and they feel the same way about you, it is a tribe.

Saw a wreck up close and personal. Someone ran the red light on our way back from lunch. Fortunately, they were going slow and only caused a fender bender for someone who took off at the green light. It did only happen about 8m away from me. Why, why WHY!! do I not have a camera running every single time I’m near that intersection? Bad vlogger.

Glad I was warring my glasses when I watched this. No wonder my eye doctor doesn’t like people sleeping in their contacts.

Oh, shit! Hillery has some tough questions to answer.

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