It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


The clown-science of crappy 100W LEDs.




That was a keyring.

Happy Sunday


Christmas 2015


Stocking stuffer


db administration

Looking for mouse balls for my collection

Three Hours and Ten Minutes.

I’m sitting at my office. I’m sitting and staring at the clock. Monday was nuts. We had trouble getting things to work over the weekend and it all fell to Monay. Thing is, I was sick all weekend. I was awake maybe 8 hours of the whole thing.

Monday was a full stressful day of hard work. Got things done more or less. Tuesday, I stayed home. Turns out I messed up one of the lesser things. The poor guy I left holding the bag covered for me. It was another day of down and not much getting up.

My illness is upper respiratory. So, I can’t sleep because I cannot breath. This makes getting better more difficult. However, Tuesday was a special day. We gave stuff to Purple Heart. I gave up my old bike because I cannot ride it any more with my crappy balance. I cleaned the microwave. I don’t think Elle had ever seen the inside of a clean microwave in our house.

Then I had a kidney stone. Yes. I had a full on left side kidney stone. It moved to a place of comfort (out of the little tubes in to a bigger one) in about half an hour. That is a very long half an hour. I’ve gone to the emergency room in the past not knowing what was going on. I’ve unfortunately become familiar with my symptoms.

Really glad I was not at work when that sucker hit. It is never good news, but I get a bit animalistic when trying to handle that much pain. I had one on the bus once and it was actually a good thing to be outside. Thank goodness it was cold. Going for a walk helps. Drink a ton of water and let yourself pee every single chance you get.

I paced back and forth in the bedroom so much that I got a strained muscle in my back. When in pain, you lock muscles you don’t even realize in an attempt to make yourself more comfortable. It never works, but you can’t tell your brain anything. By the time I got past the kidney stone, I fell asleep out of exhaustion. I slept for several hours. This made it just that much more difficult to fall asleep last night.

Then comes this morning. I got up, felt not too bad and came in to work. No one and I mean no one is here. Well, not that I work with on a daily basis. There are some management types and some stragglers. Not even the people in the UK I work with are here. I had planned on getting a database maintenance thing done. I figured out that is not going to happen today. I have to contact too many people. Nothing will happen until after the first of the year. Actually, the fourth.

It is just after lunch time. I did not go out. I’m planning on leaving at the earliest moment possible. Possibly even earlier. Not that I have anything to do when I get home except not be at work. That clock I was staring at near the top of this post said I had three hours and ten minutes to go.


Sick day



Europe is going to do what Europe does best. Sit on their hands and bitch. Unfortunately, this has become what America does best as well. We must all look toward Russia and soon India and China to run the world.

That will teach you to tell your side of the story. I vaguely remember someone mentioning this was a bad idea on his behalf back in the day.

Deliberate pullback. At what point will no one work for this guy? Maybe he just needs to watch more TV.

Here is a cluster fuck for you. Poor Baltimore. I have sort of relatives who left BAltimore not that long ago.


Afternoon sun




Free breakfast today at work. They had bread and fruit. That was about it. That is a continental breakfast isn’t it? I need eggs. I did get a pretty good coffee. I wonder if there will be leftovers in the break room later.

There is always one more build until they rip the software from developer’s hands. I get “... one more build.” from leadership who have been down this road 5 times. They must know how it goes by now.

So, Turkey was upset at losing their customers? Interesting theory.


More Christmas


Fog, window washing robots and more


Made it to the play.

New diggs at the office




Foggy morning


Best office toy.


I have Christmas music in my head. QUICK! Black Sabbath! “It’s beginning to look a lot like ..” OHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHH

There is no honor in retreat. We have retreated.

Directly targeted first responders. Someone paid them money bfore the attack. Friends were afraid to say anything for fear of being called racists. PC not working for us.

The MSM is predicting the end of Black Friday. I kind of always thought online shopping would run out well over half of brick and mortar or high street shopping in my lifetime. I wonder what the numbers are at the moment.

I need some isopropyl alcohol to clean the whiteboard at work. I hear it works well. I have some at home. I need to try it on my whiteboard there.

The Gun Control Song



Does anyone else remember what the American people are supposed to do when they fear their own government more than the enemies of the country? I vaguely remember one of the founding fothers covering the topic.

France swings to the right. Yup, France. Yes. Why is it so hard to believe? Oh, because France is supposed to be froo-froo or something. They get mean when you cross them. Just like everyone else in the world. Sit back and watch how mean.

People seem to be far more worried about what name everything is labeled with than how they are trying to kill us because of what we believe.

Why do I insist on typing about 10% faster than I can really perform. That is, when I drop the attempted speed down by as little as 10%, my accuracy increases immensely. I don’t understand why I can’t get myself to stop and think about the typing and stop worrying about speed. It is just how I’m built. The number of mistakes decreases to the point I catch them and the end result of what I type must be faster than when I try for that last 10% of speed.

Lunch conversation
  • Work

The thing is, it was from every angle. There was just something about today that everyone was talking about work. Even when the conversation lead away from work, it would slither its way right back to work in short order.


New hat


Church behind our house having fun

Week of clips

Week of clips



Right now, I use a year folder with month folders inside for my blog in Google Docs. I will only use years from now on. It is just a pain in the ass to deal with sub folders. I put the full date in the name of every file. Thi might lead to something getting lost, but I’m just not that worried about it.

Do you know how to spot a coward. Ask them to name the enemy.

It is still workplace violence, right? Because calling it terrorism might make people want to defend themselves. Wait, workplace violence does too. Crap.
Interesting idea about the attack. How many men think they married a terrorist?

Some days I want to sit down and start writing. The words are supposed to flow freely, pouring from my mind to the page in a firehose rush. They do not. They never have. It is work to get even the blurbs you find here put down.

When I was a child I thought to “rag” on something represented wiping your nose or blowing your nose on it. Bad enough. When I found out it represents a woman having menstrual cycle activity and bitching about something, Hence, “being on the rag” I was disappointed.

It looks like Google Docs added a personal dictionary editor. Finally. It actually works. Under tools menu. I also found several bad add-ons and at least one set of useful templates from Avery.



It is Elle’s birthday. She is the big 13. We will hit Olive Garden this evening. That is where she wanted to go. There are worse places to have a 13 birthday dinner.

I’m getting tired of groups of friends calling themselves families. When a group of people who are not related to you start to feel like family and they feel the same way about you, it is a tribe.

Saw a wreck up close and personal. Someone ran the red light on our way back from lunch. Fortunately, they were going slow and only caused a fender bender for someone who took off at the green light. It did only happen about 8m away from me. Why, why WHY!! do I not have a camera running every single time I’m near that intersection? Bad vlogger.

Glad I was warring my glasses when I watched this. No wonder my eye doctor doesn’t like people sleeping in their contacts.

Oh, shit! Hillery has some tough questions to answer.




You can’t lop the head off a hydra and expect it to die. You have to kill the whole hydra all at once.

The batshit craziness in Central America. Gangs are running the place.

I’m trying really hard not to be a full on Grinch this year. I’m also failing. Between money woes and other people who are Grinching, I’m having trouble.

Our president is losing it? I’m not sure. He will never admit it regardless.

Active shooter video by the FBI. Should I forward this to my HR department?

Another sunset




I’m going to start using that term Islamized Radicals. It isn’t that Muslims want to destroy the world. It is that people who want to destroy the world are being used by radical Islamists.

This sounds like a great idea. Let’s make a torpedo nuclear.

Gonna be a ruckus. Some people are not going to put up with it.

I’m going to have to call AT&T for internet at the house. Comcast is $200 because we have a combination plan.  i’m going to have to call

Shit causing me stress

  • Money
    • We don’t have enough of it.
    • Canceling cable so no internet at home
    • Will have to go back to mowing my own lawn
      • This may kill me because I nearly passed out the last couple times I tried it.
    • We have medical insurance and still owe tens of thousands of dollars we are not going to pay because the money just isn’t there.
  • Work
    • Everything changes every five minutes so no stability
    • GA (release) soon lots of work and at strange hours
    • No internet at home so can’t work from home, so I’ll have to stay at work for very long hours
  • People: I’m good with people at the moment.

Well, Natalie complains that when I am home I’m not really there so this can only help right?