It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



A deniable war. Crisis is the new normal.

What is with my phone updating software and the battery going dead? I had a couple updates this morning and it took off 20% of my battery life. That is nuts. It was 3 apps I believe.

Dirty pool, or fair game? Just how far are reporters supposed to go when it comes to getting someone’s history?

Greenpeace getting ass handed to them in India. And, Greenpeace is the victim, right?

The Russians wanted to be sure. I cannot bring myself to blame them for waiting to come to the “it was a bomb” conclusion.

Abuse of power plain and simple. This is a mophia tactic. Choke point was a way to cut off bank functions from gun shops and manufacturers. The same is happening to marijuana growers and shops.

What do you mean we didn’t win? SUE!!! Are there to be lawsuits with every decision these days? ... Hmmm $21,400,000,000.00 I might consider suing as well.

I have this recurring fantasy of being a writer. I think, I would rather win the lottery and just live somewhere having people think I was a writer. It actually sounds like a lot of work and I’ve noticed in the last couple years I no longer poses the self motivation to move.

Remember every time you pick your child up. One day, they may need to carry you.

Bring on the robots.

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