It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I wear a belt. I have shit hanging off my belt. I have always liked the idea of suspenders. I think I wore them once as a kid. A back doctor says this is a bad thing. Great. Apparently the next big thing in Men’s fashion is belts.

Burn the books and ban the history. That will fix everything. “Rage Profiteer” I’m going to start using that term.

I do not have enough space on my phone for an app for every fucking thing I’m interested in. We either need a way to install-use-uninstall apps, or just use FUCKING WEB PAGES!!!


PodCastle has a contest going on for women and non-binary writers identifying as women. Or something like that. It cracks me up how specific you have to be. I mean, if you have to list all the new possibilities, do you really need to limit it to humans? What if I breed (genetically modify) a rabbit that can write? How about a computer algorithm?

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