It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



It appears some big data projects are finding that they can afford to collect data, but the expense of processing that data can be daunting. My company is heading down the road of analytics. They all hope to make something out of knowing everything about us. I just don’t think all that data and all that analysis and all that inferring and all that worrying about it are going to add up to the essence of making money. It seems a lot of people think this effort will lead to the holy grail sales and marketing. I just don’t see it myself.

Greece will bring down the EU if Germany doesn’t just out and out save them and keep saving them. Obama care is a mess, but will get much worse after some fixes. The world economy is imploding. The problem with the world economy is there is no one else’s money to spend. Once you have it all, that’s it. you find out that if you just print money at this point, it just slices the pie thinner.
There are live interviews with people on the street who cannot get money out of their ATM. Some people can’t get anything to eat because they don’t have any money. Some say they will have nowhere to sleep after the end of the month. It is bad news all round for the people.

If you own the words you own the thoughts. Destroy family and the government becomes your family. Destroy religion and the government becomes your religion.

New evidence in the Freddy Grey case. If only I knew what it was. If I were the cops, I would have hidden cameras in those suspect hauling vehicles. Wouldn’t that be some shit? What if the cops had clear video with audio of this guy deliberately banging his head against some metal wall or bolt or whatever. That would be a game changer.

Returning to Vietnam. Well, not really. It is a full blown brand new cluster police action we are getting in to.

F-35 just as good as an F-16. Wait a minute. ... Well, how much more maneuverable can you get before the pilot is just a puddle between the foot pedals?

Chemical weapons in Syria. This is going to be very bad. This time it will be the real deal. Full on chemical war. President Obama need to take a lesson on people who say one thing and do another.

I got hibernation working on my laptop. This may not seem like a big deal to people on Windows and iOS, but in Ubuntu Linux, it was a bit of a chore. I was googling and looking for a good way to make it happen when I found a wiki at my work that just had the answer. It works well. The reason we want hibernate and not just sleep is 2 fold. 1) Sleep eats your battery. 2) Hibernate requires logging in to disk encryption before you get back in to the computer. Hibernate is far more secure.



Lunch Conversation

  • Jurassic world
    • Plot holes
      • The kids should have been eaten, but weren’t
    • Science bullshit
    • The lead actress and her character
    • The white puppy looking man made dinosaur. “Hey, some people are scared by white things.”
  • Politics
    • When people speak their minds they sound far more Libertarian than if they start by labeling themselves.
    • Gay marriage and the ramifications of existing law.
      • Why is the government even involved in marriage?
  • Sports
    • Something about baseball and baseball players. People getting hit by pitches.
  • Work
    • A customer trip one of the guys took where he successfully swore at a room full of customers.
    • Plans to not get asked back to customer sites foiled.

Expanding Universe

People talk about the universe expanding. They say the expansion is accelerating. The threshold of what we can see depends on the speed of light and the fact that as thing expand away from us faster than the speed of light, we can’t see them any more. Since the expansion is accelerating at some point it will appear as though the universe is collapsing in on us.

I don’t buy it. I have some ideas that have been rattling around in my head for half my life or so.

  • Light has a half life or something along that line that causes a deterioration as light travels in a straight line.
    • Gravity pulls light apart. The wavelength of light gets pulled longer and longer as light travels away from one source of gravity (the sun it came out of) to another source of gravity (our galaxy/solar system/planet)
    • As light travels through the space it simply vanishes in to the ether that makes up all that dark energy, or as i call it hole in the math, that everyone keeps blabbering about.
  • That, or reality has a half life. Time and matter do not exist until someone looks at it. As we look further and further in to the universe, whatever is generating reality has to generate more reality for us to look at. As we look further away, the resolution is lower. It works quite abit like a render engine of a computer game.


I cannot figure out if Google drive and Google Photos are both backing up my pictures and eating up space on both services. It is not that I care much. Not knowing is driving me nuts.

China military on the move. What does air independant mean exactly?

Looks like Greece ran out of other people’s money. No more money. I hear food deliveries are tapering off. No society is more than 9 meals from collapse. I’m popping some popcorn.

If you are so damn disgusted, bring charges. Whitehouse too frightened of Hillary Clinton to have her arrested for treason.

Last couple of weeks a collection of birds (black birds of some kind) have been dive bombing me in front of the Exxon station I have to pass to get to my bus stop. The days I’ve worn a full brim hat (cowboy hat  or this wide brim garden kind of hat) I haven’t had issues with them.

Summer hat




Week long clip video



Finally some nanny state stuff I agree with. California makes vaccines mandatory. Well, they remove the religious exemption.

Autonomous kill bots banning. You know, if someone wants to do it they just might. regardless of a ban. It isn’t that I disagree with the idea of banning killer robots. It is that I believe it is a stupid idea.

Another web page to not go to because it has crazy cool hats. I’ve liked hats for a long time. I’m going to become a hat guy because my father has skin cancer. It is attacking his ears. he is just as red headed as I am so I’m going to start now. Guess it is not too late.




One more domino. Bit by bit these guys are gaining more ground than they lose. Same with hearts and minds. These poor civilians are caught in the middle. That is a hard place to be.

So, you have no clue what we should eat. I’m starting to think the whole idea of eating more fruits and vegetables and what ever else my body craves that isn’t junk is a good thing.

Unintended consequences are the most painful kind, and sometimes the funniest. Everything is the way it is for a reason, or a collection of reasons. Forcing an end result by simply hitting it in the head with a bat can cause other end results because the reasons are still there and need to be fulfilled.
That doesn’t make any sense. I apologize.

Fuck with one of us you get fucked by all of us. That is the message anyway. NATO building up their own special rapid response force. This sounds like a military responsible only to the leaders of NATO. Normally they have to deal with country leaders and citizens. Interesting. Is it going to be filled with nationless contractors?

Russia upgrades nuclear arsenal. West sleeps. Well, west bitches a lot then makes the decision to ignore it and worry about the EU experiment. Brand new ICBMs.

10% of the U. S. has everything important handed to the Chinese. That is 1 in 10. I would not have thought that many people had handed in forms to our government for security. I forget how much information our government demands from its citizens. Why the fuck are we paying people at the NSA? The fucking Chinese should be footing the bill.

I'm just not holding my breath. Obama has a hardon for any deal he can get. The Iranians keep saying no and he keeps coming back to the table. If it were me, I’d blow the shit out of the most obvious nuclear facility, then wait 1 hour for the phone call. Then go for the second most obvious site.



I got to work late yesterday. I just couldn’t get a ride. I walked in a few minutes before 10:00. These things happen. I did take a lunch because I wanted to get the hell out of the office. By the time 19:00 rolled around, I was able to bail. Well, untill I got home. Then I got to do some more work. I was up past midnight making a build. It turns out. The build is crap, not due to my efforts. These things happen. I walked in to work at 7:05 this morning. Back at the grind. Feeling a bit ground myself.

Nightmare in the UK. People including the parents of sexually abused children arrested for trying to save their kids from being raped in an organized child molestation ring. It really is a case where police were more afraid of being called a racist than of children being made in to sex slaves.

Death to the first amendment. This is why the president is supposed to keep an eye on the courts and stop lawyers from thinking they have all the power in the world.

How else are you supposed to get attention these days? You need a stack of corpses to burn while reading your opinion aloud from behind a mask just to make it above the hooopla around some celebrity toenail infection.

The U. S. is in a world war. An irregular world war. Evil has simply chosen a different form. In many cases we do not acknowledge our enemies even exist. One point they make in that article “Al Qaeda killed more Americans on American soil on 2001-09-11 than the Nazis ever did.” (from memory)

Yesterday while sitting at CVS waiting on my wonderful family to pick me up I heard two motorcycles on Highway 6 revving their engines and shouting at one another. I don’t think they were angry at the other rider. I think they were just making noise. When they took off at the light, they didn’t even hit it. They pulled away at a reasonable speed, but still took the time to rev their engines between gears. Just a huge waste of gas really. One was a crotch-rocket and the other was some kind of cruiser.

Dumping Taiwan? What does China hope to win by totally dominating Taiwan?

War in Asia, Inevitable? China wants it all. They might have what it takes to take a big chunk.

Do writers have to write poetry? I mean, is it a requirement to be “hip” or whatever the kids are calling it these days? Because I don’t do poetry. I’m just not cut from that cloth.

Obama promised “a deal” not a good deal. I cannot blame Iran and the other countries for taking advantage of or childish incompetent president. I don’t have to like it. More. If only Obama kept promises to the people he rules.

If Obama bombs Iran, I’ll ... Well, I’ll .... I don’t think I have much to worry about.


Changes coming to Metro


21 things driving a wedge between Israel and the great nation of the USA. It is not just Obama. It is antisemitism from top to bottom. A lot of people hate jews. So much so, that they think of it as normal.

What you gonna do? Pootin don’t play. I don’t think he bluffs either. This is going to lead to a lot of dead people who were fighting for freedom.

All conflict relies on delusion. This is a particularly intense example. The only way to win at anything is to believe you can win and to be willing to do what it takes to win. Oh, and as it turns out to be willing to let someone loose. In fact, you have to insist on it.

Arms race in the Middle East. My only solace is that every one else saw this coming too. No country that has nuks has ever been successfully invaded, much less conquered. Think about it. if you have a nuke in your pocket and you start to lose, are you really going to just loose without lobbing the ace in the hole?

Because all the leaders think like lawyers. They forget that without police, lawyers wield little power. At some point the world (internationally speaking) lost the ability to spark fear in nations who just don’t care how they are portrayed in the press.

If thieves get it for free, I want it for free dammit. I get what Microsoft is doing. They want everyone to ge on Windows 10 because it is a service. At any point Microsoft can start charging and you either pay, or you don’t get the service. It is not free. It is like the drug dealer who says “The first one is free.”

let me guess, Google’s algorithm says mo money = yu URL. This is the problem with trusting a company with your data and online information. At any moment they (the company) might change their mind and completely fuck you.

Cowards. Australians are feeling the pinch of a government that wants to control their lives to the tiniest little bit. This is not freedom. This is oppression. Well, suck it up Aussies. You got the government you voted for.

Competition in spaaaaaaaace! We were just talking about this at lunch. The US government is freaking out saying they will withhold FCC approval until [whatever reason]. The companies are saying “That’ OK, we will install it for the rest of the world and the US can catch up when they get their shit together.”

Wow, horrible analogy, but apt. More on the big government data breach. This is the most painful problem with our government. This is the problem with having lawyers run everything. Lawyers think that making rules controls actions. It doesn’t. If no one gives a crap about your rules, they will do the actions as they damn well please.



Buddy of mine who moved to Germany is now addicted to Club-Mate.

Greece is hitting the point of rats leaving the ship. I do not think it will be long before people begin to starve in the streets and ask to be refugees to other countries. It will be interesting to find out if the rest of Europe honors the freedom of movement thing when a million fellow Euro-Europeans turn up on their doorstep with their hands out.

Do not live today for everyone else. Do not live today for the one you love. Live today for the one who matters, the one who loves the one who makes a difference. Live today for yourself. No one else is going to live for you. When you wake tomorrow, forget today. Start from there and make a the day yours.
I have never lived a day like this. Not one. But you can. You must. Do it for me.

I’m trying to think of the last time I was caught up on The Writer’s Almanac. I’m still not. I like having a few there if and when I need them.

Perfect analogy. Well, about as good as it gets these days.

Stand against Russia, but who has the balls to stand these days?

The idea here is to flood the engineering market and bring down prices, not make everything nice and friendly.l

Dry run. Well, wet run really. On third thought, no one died so it is perhaps a dry run. I wonder what the real details are. Does it look like someone was blackmailing the airline, or were they trying to kill people? Scary stuff. More.

Cluster-fuck of cluster-fucks. For the most double talking president, Obama is shit at negotiating.

I forgot India made cruise missiles. This one sounds like a winner. Wonder how cheap it is.

You know, Logan Farms makes a damn fine club sandwich. There is nothing all that unique about it. They have just gotten the balance correct. The bread is perfectly toasted. The meat and cheese are just right. The tomato is not too much. The may is the perfect amount. It is real mayo. All the bits are fresh. Even the bacon is not too distracting from the rest of the sandwich. If I want a BLT, I’ll order one.


Then and Now

I have the tools. I imagine myself writing with a pencil on a sheet of paper something to the amount of amazing. Nothing comes really. I do enjoy the idea of having written. There is just nothing there. i have no lust. No drive. No will of my own for the feat.

One must know and want and strive. I do not. When I’m gone, the world will carry on. I will have left few dents. The sun will shine and the earth shall turn just as well without me as with.

The most magical thing I own is my Fisher Space Pen. I have owned it for 15 or so years and it is still on the first capsule. I keep it in my wallet and it has outlived 5 or 6 of them. Let’s just say it was a wonderful gift from my mother. It has saved me many times. I’ve signed for a house and a car with it. I have written important things down with it.

It has never been any different.


Complaining about nsa and security



Hong Kong doomed. Basically, China is saying the people of Hong Kong are welcome to vote for whomever China says they can vote for. The people of Hong Kong are doomed. This is just a delay tactic until China invades before the U. S. election next year.

We don’t want to sell you 2 jets. You will just copy it and start selling them under us. Buy 500 jets. Then we will let you have the 2 you asked for so you can copy it. By that time we will be able to afford to make our 5th generation jets anyway.

I hope a bunch of people wind up in prison for this. The IRS is being used to further political agendas.

Dilbert creator debunks every crackpot correlative theory ever put on the internet in one blog post. Any time you hear a direct comparison as listed in the article linked, Skip it. Someone is trying to get something out of you.

Youtube doing the verification thing. Who gets the final word on truth? YouTube is very socialist for a capitalist invention.

At 17:05 I get the note that they need a build. This is in addition to the build I’m working on at that moment. That adds about 3 hours to my already extended day. Thanks.

Japanese for lunch

I gotta go to work.



I have completely lost the muse for vlogging. No one watches the fucking videos. No one wants to be in the videos with me. I’ve put up several hundred. I have nothing left to complain about.
I went out at lunch today to the parking garage looking for drive to say anything to the camera. Nothing came. As a matter of fact, I could only think about work and wanted to get back to it to try something. I’m just stuck with blinders on.

Just hand the keys to our enemies. Oh, wait, that is exactly what we did.

They will have to outsource this soon. Wonder if China could take care of that for us. Elle’s dad is a chopper pilot.

It’s called by the book. If you don’t like it change the book.

Go Texas. Taking on the security of our own border because the federal government won’t.


I wish I had a curfew.


Spent yesterday fighting my home wifi and the shitty AT&T Client VPN for work from home. It was a nightmare trying to keep the computer connected for more than 5 minutes. I cannot work from home. I tried connecting using the Comcast wifi of course and my phone with similar results. The phone seemed a bit better, but not good enough to support the heavy cost of data.

Why don't we give Iran a couple nukes. That should calm things down. Why keep up the pussyfooting? Haven’t used that term in a while.

You failed and you knew it was coming. The system was so bad that experts told you to shut it off.
The trouble is our government is only afraid of its own citizens. They have forgotten that making laws controlling the citizenry do not control the rest of the world. laws only matter when someone gives a shit what you think or what you are going to do about it.
This means China may have info on several of my friends. Oh, and me too, because I’m friends with them, though I never filled out the paperwork mentioned above.

Reagan was strapped.  Wouldn't it have been cool if he had returned fire on that shit head who shot him?

Revenge is not the way. I am getting tired of the government telling me I have to have tabs on my kid 25/7. I was raised just fine and got thrown out of the house on Saturdays for hours at a time. “go play”. I’m legally blind for fuck sake.

Police civil forfeiture history. Getting out of hand.

Holy shit, national debt really will hurt us. This is really going to happen. I say we stop paying on debt and expand our military. More.

China is also establishing bases in the middle of the ocean for staging something like this.

Russia is just waiting for the right time. When Europe starts to fall apart from lack of funds, think Greece, they will strike. It is what I would do if I were Pooten. More.