It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Today is Halloween. ... Boo!

I’m noticing Donut House vs Donut Shop K-Cups. Itis just two different companies putting out a K-Cup. They do have different flavors. I would like to hear about  a paragraph about the rivalry between these two groups.

“We will triple match your contribution” X is the contribution. X+X is matching the contribution onece. X+X+X Is double matching. X+X+X+X is triple matching.

Japan will soon put the kibosh on saving. Word has it the powers that be will begin charging people to put their money in a bank. This is what you get when you have an electronic currency. You can’t pull your money out of the system and hide it under the mattress.

Early Halloween morning

Today's cup


Sunglasses and passing in the 2 lane


Someone did the math and supposed one could have purchased every cow on the planet with the money used in Quantitative Easing.

Voter Fraud (paranoia)

Israel is unfazed over “Chickenshit” comment. They have to put up with far worse from their neighbors. More.

I like these folks. No-Shit kind of people.

Completely rebuilt my virtual Linux machine on my Windows machine at work. I use it for Kdenlive which is Linux only. This time I told the computer it had a 100GB drive. It only takes up what it needs until you run out of space. I used 30G before and it refused to let me expand it. I thought I would have all  kinds of issues, but I didn’t. I was back up and running while doing other things at work and just letting this take the back burner. Of course, I haven’t actually tried to render a video yet. I’ll let the blog know how it goes.

Where is my cut?

This morning's cup of coffee


Variety pack

What's with the haze?


Installed Libreoffice on my work Linux box. They have actually given me the ability to install Microsoft Office 2013 and I am seriously considering not getting it. I don’t use it. I don’t want to waste a license. Part of me wants to get it just because it is available.

Uber is a racket too. Uber drivers rate riders and say things like “Tim 5 to get 5” meaning the driver will give you a bad rating if you don’t tip. That goes both ways, but people are being taken advantage of. I suppose if you people don’t have a disinterested third party breathing down their neck, they are aggressively entrepreneurial (an asshole). I wonder if Uber keeps track of the tips. I wonder if the IRS is listening to the same AM broadcast I just listened to.

So, you beg him not to take action and then call him chickenshit for not taking action. Now that it is too late, you have someone to blame. Nukes don’t care who you blame once they go off. Can’t win with you guys.
Another Link on the subject.

Why aren’t people dancing in the streets over the drop in crime rates?

People in New York must know better because they are from New York of course. That makes their opinion count for twice what the rest of the fly over people’s votes count for. Right? It just makes sense. It is the whole “unwashed masses” thing.

Lunch conversation consisted of tomorrow’s chili cookoff at work. Adam was talking smack (won the last couple years in a row) about his latest concoction. At least he mixes it up year to year.

Everyone says Ebola is not airborne. Now this. That is still not airborn, but it is spread by sneezes and coughing. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. That is harder than it sounds.

I use this all the time under Linux. What the hell?!



Sheeeeeeeeeit! Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

I enjoyed the Walking Dead episode the other night. Not sure what people are bitching about.

I remember someone saying the soldiers who went in the theater to retrieve people did not wear masks. They had just taken methamphetamine as an antidote before going in.

The cloned chips they are bricking are just one set of chips that I could tell. The next generation of clones will just adapt and get better.

This came up in conversation twice yesterday. Once at lunch and once in the afternoon at work.

Because society expects much less from some applicants than others. I have not been arrested. I was quite nearly arrested once, but I don’t think I had actually yet broken a law. I was hanging on a fence when the cop went by on a neighboring street. The article above specifies the run ins with the law that count. Still. It used to be important to make sure you didn’t get in trouble so people would not think you were a law breaker.

The answer for bad speech is more speech. You cannot force people to believe, you can only oppress them.

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Government is full of lawyers. Everything looks like a problem to be solved by the courts.

Android tripple tap zoom gestures. Why am I just now learning about this? This allows me to use the map function on my phone again.

Because Mainstream Media loved this guy and refused to say anything that might make him look bad and lose a vote, he is president. This is how Obama repays the favor.



Spot the racist. Spot the hypocrite. The best part of this story is that no one watches CNN any more.

Why it is the first amendment. Why you should fight for the second amendment. If you allow them to ignore one,they will ignore them all.

When a cat gets frightened and takes off on a tile floor it must be like one of those dreams where you can’t move your legs fast enough to run. They use all claws and just spin their wheels for the first couple thrusts.

I don’t think Global Warming / Climate Change is a fraud. I just think we should spend all that money on adapting to it instead of trying to change it.

They have a planning meeting tomorrow. All day. It sounds like one of those meetings you want to avoid except it is chucked full of informative information.

Quarantine: Separation to find out of you will become sick
Isolation: Separation of the sick to make sure they do not spread the disease.

I used to go through several spiral notebooks a year. I used to have multiple notebooks for each need. Test results. Notes from meetings. I had a stack that needed to be shredded when we got the shred boxes a couple years ago. Now, I do not use notebooks except for taking notes from meetings and then transcribing them on the computer. This is because my Red Hat Linux laptop has issues popping off and on to the docking station. I hear Ubuntu has no such trouble. Until this issue is resolved, it is dead tree network.

Treasonous behavior just the way things are done. What if it was your daughter getting treated like this?

Remember those hundreds of dead Mexicans and a handful of Americans? No worries, no one else does either. Well, Not no one. 3 Years and counting.

At some point things stop workint. Our Navy is having trouble treading water.

Too many links today.


Damn ants


Waiting on a ride


How the French fight Global Warming / Climate Change. Well, I only expected them to sit on their hands and bitch. Well, I hoped all they would do is sit on their hands and bitch.

I do not like taking vacation days because of the disruption.

Looking at these. Not sure what color to get.

Holy shit. The mask slips.

This guy needs therapy to hold up his fly.


First sun of the day

Day one using the new #Cuisinart. Awesome



Future battlefield today. When will my local police department have these things you know, to catch speeders or something?

Stamps are so 25 years ago. Where has this been?

Google Chrome no longer supports RHEL 6.x. Fuckers. There is a script that kind of installs it in a local install. This is how it should be done, but it is just some guy’s web presents you are trusting. Who knows how secure that is.

Bad news all round. Shootings in Canada.

It begins. Please, let’s make minimum wage $100 an hour and speed the rate of automation. Who will buy the products you ask? Why everyone will be paid by the government that, gets their money from the taxpayers. Why those dozen or so people with a job who don’t flea should easily be able to cover the 300 plus million freeloaders. Right?

Go Texas!

The boss


CNN yanked from Dish. No one notices. Well, I didn’t, but I don’t have Dish. Nore do I care.

It is called disruptive technology for a reason.

Still a big believer in Voter ID laws.

I remember a woman, I do not remember who, saying the Koran was a manual for women’s rights. I gbuess it is all relative.

The paraplegic walk again. This is awesome news.

Looking at these. need bifocals. End up costing me about $50.

Elle's masks



Worked late last night. Started having real trouble getting round the network around 21:00. Gave up and went to bed. It was probably a good thing.

When I walked in this morning, the network was indeed dead. It made my life miserable, but at least I got a cup of coffee first thing this morning.

Fought to get some work done. Only ki9nd of succeeded. It is weird still having chat and email when the rest of the network goes down. Back in the good old days, everything died at once. I remember the days of 75 people tapping their toes until I got things back up and running. Now I’m on the other end of these things.




The U. S. needs to look in to ISIL’s PR firm. The numbers matter. No wonder Obama doesn’t want to annihilate these guys. They have the live in a shit hole vote.

There are so many things in this world that are precious. There are so many things in this world that are worthless. I find myself forgetting which is which sometimes. it is so difficult being on top of things. I am only human. I make the mistake of forgetting that people who make mistakes are not always responsible for the consequences.

Today I’m a turtle boiling in my own shell. Not in an inverted hot tub sort of way.

Palindrome “rise to vote sir”

I use NixNote on Linux. The install on my primary work machine works great. It is installed via a Yum repo directly on Red Hat. The copy on my VM under windows running Ubuntu is having sync issues. It also is installed from a repo. Not sure what is going on with that one.

Thank goodness these didn’t exist when our old CEO was still running the company.


Pumping up the soccer ball


Gorgeous old gall


Random Stuff

I’m just tired of titling these things “notes” every friggin day.

So, Iraq always had chemical weapons. It must be so if the New York Times finnally got round to admitting it.

Ebola seems to be easier to control in rural areas.

HBO without cable. About time.

Draw 3 different examples of six
|||| |

If I were a patient enemy of this wonderful country of ours, I would wait until the cleanup president was elected before letting the shit hit the fan. This would reinforce the useful idiots in to thinking Obama was the correct kind twit to elect and bring us to our knees that much more quickly. That or strike while the iron is hot. At some point, you have to stop fucking off as a country and stand up.

I got in early today 2014-10-16. Earlier than I have been over the last couple weeks. It was awesome. The weather was clear and cool. They mowed. No one tried to kill me. It wasn’t too wet. I got some things done that I'd been wanting to. Wrote a script to automate a little something. However, My gut wanted lunch at 10:30. Still had meetings and build things to do. Bah. Can’t win them all.

Mystery Space Plane. It isn’t much of a Mystery.

New podcasts source. Learned about Stuff you should know at lunch today.

“This is a press conference. The last thing I want to do is answer a bunch of questions.” What movie is that from? Here is the real thing.

I don’t believe in poetry. I do not like poetry much. I kind of like cowboy poetry sometimes. I like the idea of poetry. I just don't like experiencing it.


Wide eyed selfie



I wish I could tell xmms to play the podcast at 120% speed. I found a plugin, but it appears to require you to build xmms with it present. I fuck-ity-fucking hate that. It tells me a lot about the software project. This kind of crap is not done properly (built in to the frigging project in the first place) because of politics and/or pride.

Not sure I agree. Still, I don’t think marriage should be recognized by the state at all.

Mustard Gas may have been used by ISIS/ISL/IS on Kurds. That link contains graphic images.

I’ve been following Adam Carolla on his movie making adventure. Pretty cool. I like finding an industry from a hundred years ago that refuses to evolve die in agony and rot from the inside out. There are companies that make it that long.

Maybe a little over the top. I guess he was far too used to people praising him for every moment he drew breath.

Someone really likes the Surface 3. I like the charger near the end of the article. I have nothing against MS Surface(es).

There are some studies saying the shows about entrepreneurship are doing more harm than good to get people to start their own business. The shows are giving creating a business a bad name..

The only reason Im productive today


Dr officce art


Saving a knife from orange juice


Repairing an Otterbox Preserver with JB Weld


Been a while since I left after dark.


I believe I have a permanent click or crick in my neck. It came from a car accident I was in with my ex wife in the early nineties. It was nothing for a long time. Of course, it is getting worse as I age. Right now, it is just a scary noise, but I believe it will become a pain and at some point a disability as I age further.

Surveys are bullshit. “Would you rather ban guns or die in a fire?” ... “A majority of people want to ban guns.” Ever wonder where the anti gun stuff comes from? I want to hear the questions asked. which they almost did in this article.

One of the women in my office does hocky. They were doing practice skating and one of the other ladies broke her foot. They called paramedics. She passed out from the pain. it was quite a practice session. I question the safety of any sport that involves giving everyone on the team a stick.

US running low on reconnaissance drones. Maybe they should bugg the NSA and retask some of those folks spying on non US citizens for a while. Thoughts?

Lunch conversation today consisted of C vs C++. I was surprised the number of people who did not like C++. “You can do all of that in C.” “The problem is no one does the ++ stuff in C.” There was no consensus beyond everyone should use C and Python together for all programming from now on. Java was not very highly rated.

Where did it all go wrong indeed. I routinely look to foreign media to figure out what is going on in my country.

Publicity stunt here in Houston. I never heard of this station until it did this switch.

My rights got revoked on one of the networks today. I knew why but still jumped straight to paranoia mode wondering if I had been fired. Every time.

The officer who went in to the infected area does not have Ebola. Thank God.