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Plane mistry

I’m talking about the Malaysian Air jet.

Recently, a bunch of antiaircraft missiles came up for sale on the international market. Apparently someone disarmed the Ukraine before all the recent protests and other troubles. Makes me wonder if the jetliner that vanished over the East Pacific was a dry run. That part of the ocean is littered with fishing vessels this time of year and would provide ample cover for escape.  Not sure what kind of missiles were available, but that plane would have been pretty high up by the time it ran in to trouble.

Then I hear that some of the passenger's mobile phones were still pending as of Sunday evening. If that proves to be true then when the hell is going on with these poor people?

Someone came by this afternoon wondering what everyone’s consensus was about the plane crash> It turns out we have all heard several different accounts of what happened. Some of the news sites are not even calling it a crash any longer.

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