It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I’m trying not to be a fat bastard and there are donuts in the lunch room.

No lunch conversation today. Went to the parking garage and held a conversation with noone. Yes. I talk to myself. Sometimes not too quietly. The security guard hung out near me and just sort of waited around.

Swapped out my keyboard at work. I did have a fancy Dell keyboard. It looked snazzy and had some interesting layout that seemed to be ergonomic. I could not type on it reliably. I used it for many months. I grabbed a $20 keyboard out of a $25 bundle keyboard and mouse. the keys are much quieter, but the rubber feet make a squeak noise as I move the keyboard. Something I had no idea how much I do of course until I used this keyboard. Hopefully the feet will break in or I’ll park the keyboard in a good spot. So far so good.

There was a felony stop outside our office this afternoon. The whole side of the building was glued to the windows. Several guys were pulled out of a car and handcuffed. It was very LA if I’m honest.

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