It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I was sick yesterday. I had a headache. It was one of those headaches where if you try to think, you get a punch in the brain. I slept until 13:00. That helped a lot. The headache was just hanging around until about 16:00 in the all concealing shadows.

Today’s speculation on what happened to that flight that vanished a week ago.

Never heard of Automan until today. Totally missed this perfect example of eighties TV. It was a one season wonder that never aired a 13th episode.

There was a SEAL team that freed a hijacked tanker in the Mediterranean. The name of the ship was Morning Glory. This set me off on a bunch of jokes about “What is in that tanker?”, “... seamen ...” ad nauseum.

Bill Gates says we are really all going to lose our jobs to robots. At some point, we will starve and start eating rich retirees.

Found a bunch of awesome pictures on Redit that would be great backgrounds except for the low resolution. Most of these pictures are simply too low res to make good backgrounds. Below are some I liked and that I think could be used for a fair computer background. All of these came from links on Redit. People ask me where I find these backgrounds. Well, now you know.

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