It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



My wrist hurts. I do not know what I did to it. I hate that. I’ve hit some age where random shit hurts for no reason. I honestly think I slept on it funny and pulled a tendon or the weed eater did me in the other weekend and the injury just didn’t present until a couple days ago. I put an ACE bandage on it last night and it helped greatly. The bandage dug in to my skin and left some marks so I have asked Nat to pick me up a wrist brace from CVS.

I typed the above paragraph and the only spelling mistakes that were made were two words stuck together without a space between them. This is a symptom of an uncomfortable keyboard and typing too quickly.

I just used Evernote to take some information and email it to my wife. I did this on my phone. I am freaking happy this worked. This makes me think this whole phone tablet thing is workable. I used multiple cloud services in the process of completing this simple task.

Yesterday, I walked on the street on the way in. Probably should have done the same thing today. I slipped in the mud and fell on my ass. I’m in the danger zone because I’ve noticed I’ve been falling back and to the left a lot. Then, I twisted my ankle. Between this and banging my knee yesterday, I’m a mess.

An episode of the Simpson’s taught me that evil people are evil and making them act good just makes them more evil. The same is not true about good people. They are the most evil of all when they turn.

Had a couple machines flip their shit this morning. They would not get IPs. They could thus, not find any other machines on the network. I played with one of them for 45 minutes. I ended up walking away to try again after some time doing something else. I went so far as to locate some hardware to replace the server if need be. The waiting strategy worked. I simply rebooted the machine after about three hours and it just worked. This means it was external to the serves with the issue. Heard later I was not the only one with the issue.

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