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My phone OCR. Not bad

Acknowledgements The current edition of this guide was written by Valerie Quercia, with the invaluable editorial assistance of Tim O'Reilly. Special thanks to Linda Mui and Eric Pearce (the co-authors of iight, A; Window System Administrator's Guide) for their expert technical and editorial support. Thanks also to Paula Ferguson for updating Appendix G, Widget Resources. Previous editions of this guide were written by Valerie Quercia and Tim O'Reilly, with the exception of the first edition, which was written by Tim O'Reilly, Valerie Quercia, and Linda Lamb. The first edition was based in part on three previous X Window System user's guides: one from Masscomp, which was written by Jeff Graber; one from Sequent Computer Sys- tems. Inc., and one from Graphic Software Systems, Inc.; both of which were written by Candis Condo (supported by the UNDO development group). Some of Jeff's and Candis's material in turn was based on material developed under the auspices of Project Athena at MIT. Most of the reference pages in Part Three of this guide have been adapted from reference pages copyright © 1991 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or from reference pages produced by Graphic Software Systems. Refer to the "Authors" section at the end of each reference page for details. Other copyrights are listed on the relevant reference pages. Pennission to use this material is gratefully acknowledged. was primarily developed using the MIT sample server on a Sun-3 Workstation and a Sun°SPARCstation™ SLC, with additional testing done on a Sony NEWS workstation run^ ning"ASony7sX implementation, a Visual 640 X Display Station, and NCD16™ and NCD19 Network Display Stations. We'd also like to thank the Open Software Foundation for Permi_s^on^fPn.n^Ae wye^^e^^P^^C^^^ ^'."Special thanks to Elizabeth Connelly of OSF for arranging this. ^°^^^^r,^:ss5£ book;_ DomlwolT,^n7EmeTurier'fo^ ^ofSreS ^!^^^^^^№www: Ms -'° toLenny Muellner for his expert tools assistance. D^.7,1,.^ of te. p.0ple, .ie s,,nd,rd —• -i.01.-' .PP- ^ crors

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