It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch conversation

  • What to cook for a singles mixer at work.
    • Only one of us was single at lunch, but it is a all hands thing.
    • Baked Alaska is baked ice cream
    • Pie pans shaped like castles
    • Cupcakes in the shape of a castle
  • Chopsticks
    • Practice makes mediocre
    • vs other forms of plate to mouth technology
  • Stories about our kids and the crazy shit they get up to.
  • BMWs
    • A friend of mine just got a BMW sports car and I’m going to have  to stop refering to them as assholemobiles ... in his presents.
    • This guy agonized over the decision
  • Doors
    • Sliding conference room doors that look just like the swing open doors.
    • Spilling coffee because of the previous fact.

We went to a sushi place across the street. The food there is awesome. Their salad dressing is some kind of creamy nut based concoction. It is memorable.

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