It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Freaking cold walk in this morning. Glad I had the Northface my dad gave me. Toasty warm. My hands froze from holding the flashlight so I kept my hands in my pockets for the most part. One person honked. Pickup, possibly a short bed stepside. Otherwise unnoteworthy.

One of my coworkers described someone running the light at Westheimer and the beltway. I didn’t get to tell her about my father and I seeing spent .45 shells scattered at that intersection.

$78,500,000,000. That is what bill Gates is worth. Listened to an economist say that quantitative easing (printing money) in the U. S. has made the rich more so. That warning was heard before the FED started printing money many years ago. No one listened. More money is bad, not good for people who rely on less of it to make ends meet.

I heard an #economist use the term “bubblicious” to describe housing prices. I nearly spit coffee all over my monitor.

The NFL makes more money by buying up the unsold tickets and letting games show locally than they do by blocking people from watching the game on TV in order to sell more tickets. Money people. Money!!! They rich, but they ain’t smart. You don’t have to make sense to make money.

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