It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



The walk in this morning was very dark. There was one contrail in the dark night sky. It promised to look pretty cool as the sun came up ,but dissipated before it had a chance. I noticed another contrail to the north that was doing the same thing. There was one beyond that if I squinted. All heading perfectly east and west.each a couple miles north of the other. Each dissipating before the sun came up. They wonder why the conspiracy theories of chemtrails run so rampant.

I made coffee first thing this morning at work. I sniffed every ownp container of coffee. The dark roast is too harsh. The medium seem about right. No one at my work spends time on light roasts. They taste too raw or something like that. I picked one that was called holiday blend. It didn’t have that smack you in the face smell, yet promised flavor.

I listened to a Podcast from Dunesteef (150) called Office Visit. It was about 2 teen girls who find something very interesting about the new dentist in their small town. I found it disturbing, but not in the way the story meant. I didn’t like hearing a story involving young women getting in to trouble. The dad in my back pocket wanted to sweep in and rescue them.

Adam Carolla dislikes TMZ or TellaPictures.

I listened to a whole album of Moldy Peaches while working today. Not sure why that makes me proud of myself for some unknown reason.
“Who mistook the  steak for chicken? Who’m I gonna stick my dick in?”
“Here is the church and here is the steeple. We sure are cute for two ugly people.”
Good stuff.

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