It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Lunch Conversation

We tried a new place (for me) called Pho. Korean. Good food. Will go back.

  • Pho is a chemical that is highly deadly. It was one of the active ingredients in Camp Phophanique. Without being mixed it was extremely deadly. It was used in mustard gas.
  • Traveling
    • DreamLiner aircraft
    • British folks getting through the TSA curtain
  • Work
    • Meetings
      • Too many
      • People are trying to get work done
    • Micromanagement
    • Deadlines
  • Inappropriate behavior when drinking at gatherings
  • Who is more British (of the people who work with us)
  • Board games
    • Pushing the genera
    • Creating new ones
    • Playing
  • How to drink the egg yoke soda water drink. Not bad.

I managed to dodge any discussion of sports. Calling this lunch a win.

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