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Thanksgiving 2013

Went to the parent's place. Had a great meal and wonderful company.

Took Wednesday off and still ended up working half the day. This is a drag, but itis a good thing to be useful. I keep telling myself this anyway.

Watched more online video than a body has a right. It is bad because I could have gotten many other things done, but didn't. I got a couple videos shot, but nothing that anyone will want to watch if I"m honest. About normal.

Nearly went to TRF for the last day, but didn't. These things happen.

I am thankful for much including the list bellow
  • Family
  • The money to pay the bills
  • Time to enjoy life
 My family defines me and includes my blood and my close friends.

The money to pay the bills is really only important because of the family thing.

I do not take enough time to enjoy life. I don't take vacation because it is more of a pain in the ass than it is worth. I would rather send my family on a vacation nd keep working just because I'm an asshole whether I go or stay.

All in all, pretty darned good time this weekend.

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