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Online resources

Twitter is for what is happening right now. No one will take you seriously on Twitter if you are not answering that question. Every time you stop and think about your surroundings, think about Tweeting it. They just went IPO so things are going to change.

Instapundit is Twitter for photos or is trying to be. Twitter is Twitter for photos.

Vime I think is Twitter for videos. I hear Twitter wants to do videos as well. This is probably why YouTube is finally being pulled in to Google+ after Google has threatened to do so for the last five years or so.

Tumblr is for keeping track of a project. If you are working on a TV show or something you might put up a Tumblr feed with interviews and behind the scenes pics and crap like that.

Redit is a place for bitching about what other people have said or done. Dodge Reditl. The people who use it are assholes.

LinkedIn is a place to put your living resume (CV). You advertise yourself for jobs here. I never really did anything with LinkedIn until I got the app on my phone.

Blogs in general are for drowning on at length about something. You, your beliefs, your job, your hobbies, who pisses you off, bitching about the neighbors, define what web pages do in your opinion.  and crying about how change is bad. All at once. I have a blog that no one reads (except you).

Facebook and Google+ are for normal people to share their photos of their kids and complain about work.

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