It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



finding yourself daydreaming about future advancements does nothing to put food on the table. Making a story and telling it just might. I’m not going to hold my breath.

Someone described the equinox correctly, except they said it was in the northern hemisphere. That is a pretty good trick if you can pull it off.Last I checked, the two hemispheres were attached in the middle and could not change their angle to the sun without consulting one another.

Inflation: A tax on everything paid to they who print the money.

Justice! Well, not really. This is a motorcyclist getting arrested for beating a driver. The police are still looking for the one who did the original break-check causing the accident that injured the first bike rider. I can’t keep this straight. The video looked to me like a bunch of bikes surrounded a vehicle. The vehicle took off, running over a motorcycle and injuring a rider. The gang of bikers took off after the SUV driver, pulled him out of the car and beat him up.

Aw man, Tom Clancy died. I kind of liked his work.

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