It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.




Nat and I got new phones. I need to run through about 15 places and change my number. I like having a purge every couple years so I don’t bother with the whole keep your number thing.

Morning coffee break conversation: We discussed the history and wars fought over tea and the politics of dates. I had to leave early to get back to work, but it was fascinating talking with someone who remembered all the names and routes for Euro China trade and how that affected the destinies of regions. She had a double major in history and some computer science clap trap.

Book Title: Gross Incompetence, High Treason

I got a Samsung S4. We are using T-Mobile. I like the lack of a commitment. Anyway, the phone is amazing compared to my ole piece of junk from Virgin Mobile. It is also many times the cost. The monthly buill is not all that much more. It had to be done. The old phones were just not cutting the mustard.

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