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At lunch today I Listened to a couple of the fellas talk about Magic the Gathering. The game has never grabbed me, but I like how really intelligent number oriented, rule oriented people obese over the process of the game. Today, the topic was how to choose when to Mulligen. One of the guys was testing his deck by shuffling, dealing out his cards, and choosing his first couple of moves based on the cards. He did this several times. This is apparently one of the things people do with their deck before playing with someone else. This makes sure you have not screwed yourself with too many or too few of some kind of card or other. Apparently it is fun for these obsessive types as well.

Need to check out

Natalie is headed out to do some shopping today. She insists on forgetting the list we keep on the fridge. I was going to use my new phone to MMS her a picture of the list. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the list before I left. ... Shut up! It isn’t like it would take up space on my phone. I have an SD card. It isn’t like I could just take another pic every time I add something to the list to keep it up to date. I might miss something Nat put up there, but I could have the gist. Still, I do not have it on my phone.

Video editors
Pitivi requires the use of an external program to make a “pictures”. This would be fine except I am incompetent in photo editors. I messed with a video this past weekend and fought the copyright ending for two hours. I gave up and used my old video editor Kdenlive, which uses some built in editor for text , and had the whole video done in 30 minutes.

Openshot reminds me a lot of Pitivi. It has a text editing thing built in or you can use an external editor. It is clunky, but usable. However, moving a bunch of clips at once is a nightmare. This is something I have to do all the time. Kdenlive has a tool you select and simply move a bunch of clips and all the effects attached to them around at will. You can move clips in Openshot, but the effects do not move with them .This makes the program useless to me.

Back Kdenlive I go.

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