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Sweat like a pig on the way into work today. The weather was not that bad. I am just out of shape. People looked at me funny on the bus. I was dripping like it had rained. That AC on the bus was awesome though. Dryed up for the moste part by the time a I got to work. Afternoon link.

My trick of rolling a coffee filter with coffee and making a cup tea style is not making strong enough coffee. It tastes like coffee flavored water with cream and sugar. I may just have to bite the bullet and get a coffee maker for the office. That is what everyone else does.. The coffee they get is not bad it is the communal coffee maker. Someone cleans it with soap and it tears up my intestines.

One of the guys from Britain went to Big Bend park for a vacation. He told us stories about getting stopped at two checkpoints. The checkpoints were looking for illegal aliens. He is legal, but couldn’t find his passport, of course.  He said it was something like a $100 fine, which wasn’t that bad, but also 30 days in jail. We laughed for five minutes about the balance of $100 vs 30 days in jail. Our value system leans toward 30 days being a very long time to spend in jail. We might still work if they have wifi.

There was a shooting this morning at a Navy yard. I found myself waiting to really pay attention to the story because the early stuff is so often wrong. I’m waiting for the bullshit to settle before paying attention. I’m not bitter. Just taking note of the existence of the story and waiting to pay attention.

Penn Jillette says you cannot have faith in God without admitting there is no God. I disagree. Why would you need faith if God obviously existed. I don’t have faith in the dresser I stub my toe in to on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I don’t need faith in the dresser. There are two points I would like to make. This (as in this world and universe around us) is a test of our faith. And fuck you Penn. =]

Need to lookup Fred Willard

Some say the National Endowment for the Arts should be cut off. People should just use crowd funding sites. There are dozens of them. If people think something is a good idea, then they can pony up the doe. Penn Jillette is trying to fund a full feature film with crowdfunding. He is putting in much of his own money. God bless that atheist.

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