It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I’m not sure what to think about Newsroom. The guy keeps saying he is a conservative and that he is a member of the Republican party. Yet, he spouts liberal bullshit half the time. The show is really about the relationships.

Online time will top over TV time this year.

Need to look up Jenkins.

Is our current president too noble to fight, or a coward? Because he ain’t putting up a fight against the parts of this human civilization trying to take us out.

Gmail has the wrong language in and only in the email composer on one machine in Firefox. That is rather specific. I believe the language is Portuguese. The spell checker seems to work everywhere else. Gmail is set to English. Firefox on that box is set to English. No idea what is going on.

I’m finding myself hating some fictional audiocasts. Not because of anything the audiocast people have done besides their story selection. I think we are in the era of mountains listening to fictional audiocasts. Great. I want blood and guts speculative fiction, fantasy, crime fiction and things like alternative history. Emphasis on the blood and guts..

One of the economists say we are indeed in a recovery. The crap employment numbers are simply the new normal. The median income in the U. S. will drop soon for the first time ever.

I was looking at a Sony phone because it is water resistant. I just cannot bring myself to buy a Sony phone. I’ve always wound up pissed at Sony products for doing stupid shit. Why can’t Samsung make a good water resistant phone?

My leg hurts. Not bad. I did a bunch of knee bends spraying for bugs Sunday. My legs are both sore. My right leg is extra sore. My inner thigh feels like I pulled something, only not so bad. The rest of my thighs are now feeling much better

There is nothing wrong with sexting between consenting of age people. If you trust someone with a dirty picture and they fuck you over, that is on both of you. Leaving a trail of dirty texts floating about the either  will probably come back and bit you in the ass somehow. With adulthood, comes responsibility. Know what you are getting in to. Know who you are trusting.

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