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Here lately, I’ve been getting in to work about 8:30 and leaving around 17:00 or 17:30 or so. It has been wonderful. I’m putting in an 8 hour day. It has been a while since I did that consistently. Now, there is a hitch to this. I have been putting in some hours from home. That is wonderful too. This allows me to catch rides when they are available. Most of my work can be done from home if need be.

Gun Control doesn’t work. Yet more proof.

The new Japanese constitution will put public order before individual liberty. What is the point in having to the constitution if it just says “We are in charge and fuck you if you don’t like it.”? japan needs a new constitution because their current one says they have no ability to raise an army. They need one to fend off China.

China is cranking out college graduates. They suffer the same problem we suffer here in the States. There are simply not enough jobs to go round. China needs plumbers and they have droves of accountants. The blue collar jobs do not appeal to the graduates. The Chinese economy is cooling off over all. China is looking to automate their manufacturing just like the U. S. has done. Some day soon, you will use a vending machine to get a hot berger instead of a fast food joint. That kind of thing will happen all over the world.

Bill Gates didn’t invent anything, except for a time machine. Who knows when he will get round to that.

I should’ve bought a Hyundai.
I should’ve bought a Hyundai.
I should’ve bought a Hyundai.
I should’ve bought a Hyundai.
I should’ve bought a Hyundai. (Penn Sunday School)

Red Hat 7 will be based on Fedora 19. I have to remember this fact for work. it ends up paying off in the long run. It helps when deciphering what programs need what libraries and such. No end of online support for Fedora. Red Hat is a pain in the ass to get support for without paying directly. My company has support, but only for our stuff it seems.

To anyone reading this blog, do not read a text messages from me while driving. I do not care if you don’t know it is from me until you read it or not. I refuse to take responcability for you being an assheole and taking your messages while driving.

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