It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



When you go round the world and apologize for being strong don’t shit yourself when everyone assumes you have become weak, Mr President.

Expect to have blood or urine tests to tell if you have smoked tobacco to get and keep a job soon. Obama Care will let insurance and employers jack up prices for people with unapproved behaviors.

Folger’s has a 15% share of coffee. Blue mountain has 4.x. Starbucks has 3.x. People flip out that Folger’s is number one, but they are “coffee”. You go elsewhere to add an adjective in front of that word.s. I drink coffee. I drink Folger’s and others. Frankly, I’m surprised Folger’s is not 45% of the market.

I ran across the street from work today at lunch. I needed to get some bank documents. Normally when on that wrote, I’m headed to the Chinese place round the corner. It was raining today. I think I made record time on the way back. Didn’t get soaked. Got my paperwork. Even had noodles beforehand. All in all, a productive lunch.

it is slightly depressing listening to podcasts from Friday on Monday. “Happy Friday ...” Bah!

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